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CEG new corporate E-mail.

CEG Mail

fill the fields to get your new corporate mail.

instructions below

(Please read instructions, below this form.)

Name (Obligatory):

Family Name (Obligatory):

Three Letters for your mail name (Obligatory)

Password (Obligatory, Minimun 7, max 12):

Mobile Telephone (Optional):

Personal e-mail (obligatory):

Skype account (optional):

In order to unify and modernize the e-mail communications in CEG we have get the domain “” and from now this will be our company domain. ( will be redirected to

From now on, all employees will have to migrate to the new domain in order to unify and improve the corporate image.

We need to homogenize the name format, to make it easy to spell by phone.

The directive rule to establish the name will be a “three letters code” determined by the first letter of the name/s and family name/s of the employee. In some cases it will be allowed to change this rule in case of repetition with an existing employee.

Employee Name: Mustafa Ali Hamza

Three letters Code:  mah

Final e-mail:
To spelling and be better understood via telephone we suggest to use the international spelling code. (a=alfa, b=bravo, c=cobra etc..)
HERE there is a complete copy of the international spelling code.

The spelling in our example is:

The directive rule to establish the password will be a code with at least 7 digits.

It must contain letters AND numbers.

Example:  hus4660

Email program
We encourage you to use webmail systems specially gmail account be cause it will be used for the company audio and video communications. The webmail systems allows to get access to your mail from any computer in the world. In addiction other mail programs such as Outlook, will be also useful.

We will send you a tutorial to set-up gmail with your CEG mail account.
The company will provide you with a link to an homogeneous signature file with your name, telephone and logo. It is mandatory to add this link to all your “” mails.


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