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Tutorial mail configuration

Instructions to configure your e-mail account.

1) Using webmail: go to point Nº 11

Using yahoo: go to point Nº 15

2) Using GMAIL.

3) Open SETTINGS in gmail

mail a

4) Click on “Accounts and Import” then, click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own”

mail b

5)Type your new ceg email.

mail c

6)Type your e-mail in USERNAME, and your password.
POP SERVER:, and port 995
and check the three check points in the image.

mail d

7)Click on YES, I want to be able to send mail as “your

mail e

8) Type your Name

mail f

9) Click in “Send throughout gmail (easier to set up)”

mail g

10) Click on send verification.

mail h

11) Get for first time to your webmail to verificative your account.

You must open your browser and type:

12) Change language to english

mail 1

mail 2

mail 3

mail 4

mail 5

13) Click on the mail from GMAILTEAM

mail 6

14) Click on the link

mail 7

Now you can use your CEG-KSA mail into your GMAIL account.

mail 8

15) Configuration with Yahoo:

Log-in in your personal account at yahoo and click into settings:



16) Click in “Accounts”:


17) Click in “ADD”:


18) Fill the fields all the fields as show the next screen:


19) Fill the fields all the fields as show the next screen:


20) Check your mail as explained in point 12 and 13.


21) Save the changes.






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