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Global Valuators, Reliable & Trustworhy

Since ten years ago, our activity has been based on transparency, and responsibility, in order to provide to our clients quality valuation reports, under  professional scientific methodologies.

We do not mediate, purchase, rent or sale transactions in the market. Our absolute independency is our highest value. In addition our quality control system works under two supervising offices, located in the local country, and also in our headquarters in Spain. In this way we avoid interferences, and provide a total independecy valuation to the final client.

Our business environment makes necessary to undertake complex projects. Our experienced Architects and economist, are qualified professionals whom are prepared to valuate the most demanding objetives. Global Valuators puts its experience, professionalism, and software research, at the disposal of small and large companies, and financial institutions.

Our final goal is to ensure a personalized, independent, and expertise attention.

Experts in Construction

To value, and monitoring a construction project, is necessary to be analyzed by independent and qualified technical experts.

Our staff meets this requirement.

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Global Valuators has a partnership agreement with the most prestigious chair of Valuations in the Spanish University.

School of Architecture of Madrid.

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Fast Service

Our software is a tailored research and development product, it provides a workflow that allows the fast and accurate valuation report writing.

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ONLINE Management,  Monitoring and Notification Engine.


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